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Borrowers can count on us to perform when the need for quick capital arises. Real Estate Debt Capital Delivered Quickly.

We have expertise over a long period of time in every type of real property transaction, including underwriting, closing, and servicing loans. Our efficient execution is the key to our volume and brand:


Graham Mortgage Corporation seeks to be a capital partner for borrowers. We willingly tackle challenges traditional lenders do not.


Graham has been a top player providing responsive debt capital to the market and producing reliable results for more than 30 years.


Income-producing property and some land secured by First Liens. Income properties in major Texas markets are our primary focus. In addition, there is a targeted component of credit-leased properties throughout the United States.

Borrowers can count on us to perform when the need for quick capital arises.

Graham Mortgage has been a portfolio lender supplying debt capital to the real estate industry for over 30 years. Our primary lending market is the Dallas/Fort Worth area and the major cities of Texas. Our lending program focuses on Income Property loans. We only consider first liens; no mezzanine loans or equity.

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Our quick underwriting and approval helps buyers of properties close quickly with assurance, enabling them to trade aggressively with sellers.
Discounted Payoffs:
We have helped many borrowers either buy back their own notes from existing lenders or buy notes on properties that have defaulted or have been discounted for a variety of reasons.
Cash Out Loans:
Considered on income properties only.
Time-Sensitive Loans:
Our tag line is “renowned reliability”. We combine remarkable speed with surety of closing.
Auction/Foreclosure Fundings:
Please call to discuss.

Lending Programs

Traditional Commercial Real Estate Bridge

Three commercial office buildings

Traditional income producing commercial real estate secured by First Lien Deeds of Trust.

Credit Tenant Construction Loans

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Up to 100% of cost on credit, single tenant, build to suit projects whose lease terms are 10 years or longer.

Construction Lending

New construction buildings

Limited to small ($2.5 million and under) retail, single family, and townhouse construction focusing on major markets in Texas.

Loan Parameters

Loan Sizes

No Minimum. We comfortably quote loans up to $5 million.

Property Types

Most income property types including apartments, shopping centers, storage facilities, mobile home parks, and warehouses. On a limited basis, residential land, commercial land, and smaller office properties.

Loan Terms

Typical terms are two years, interest-only at a rate targeting 10%. There are upfront and Exit Fees. Interest rates, fees, and recourse are adjusted based on the risk profile, credit profile, and LTV. Loans are pre-payable with a minimum interest provision.


In my opinion, there are two things that are absolute necessities from a hard money lender: 1. They do what they say they are going to do while acting with integrity and 2. They move very quickly with an understanding of all issues surrounding a transaction. Dean and his team at Graham have done these things in every interaction."

- Barrett Linburg, Azure Capital Dallas

...Graham Mortgage stepped up for MCA at a critical time...Dean’s shop handled the job most impressively... Graham saved the project..."

- Todd, MCA

I’ve had very positive experiences at Graham Mortgage as a commercial mortgage broker. I continue to send Dean opportunities any chance I get. Once GMC tells me that they can do the deal and issues terms, I have the highest degree of confidence that the deal will get done. Graham Mortgage is my #1 go-to hard money lender."

- Michael Thompson, Senior Vice President, CBRE | Capital Markets